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Pathway to the Land of Milk and Honey

Hard Cover

by Audrey McKinley

$29.95(Shipping Included)

Pathway to the Land Of Milk and Honey.  This life is a journey to the Land of Milk and Honey, and there is beauty in the discoveries along the way. The drips will be the victories when you finally overcome your fear and walk into freedom, or the peace that surpasses all understanding when you have experienced such trials that no one could understand but you and your maker. Pathway to the Land of Milk & Honey is the story of how she overcame many obstacles along her journey to be where she is today.  It is the story of not belonging as a first-generation American and the impact of her parents’ divorce as a little girl; the account of a young Latina joining the automotive industry in the ’90s and climbing the corporate ladder in a male-dominated industry. 


Pathway to the Land of Milk and Honey Workbook

by Audrey McKinley

$19.97(Shipping Included)
Pathway to the Land Of Milk and Honey Workbook. The Land of Milk and Honey is waiting for you, but it requires you to take the steps on the pathway. It's not just about reading the words or talking the talk. It's about walking the walk and living with integrity. It's not easy, and it requires doing the work and applying it to your life. This workbook was created for you to gain every drip of honey that the book has to offer! It is designed with questions, journal prompts and reflections for you to apply the lessons to your own life. This is where your feet hit the ground and you have the opportunity to truly step into your God given purpose.

Kingdom Living

$34.95 (Shipping Included)

Kingdom Living is a 88-day devotional introduction to the culture and language of God’s kingdom on earth. In this book, you’ll receive a daily dose of important foundational studies designed to accelerate your transition into the world of Biblical Christianity. Even more so, the subjects in this book are refreshers for even the most seasoned believers who have been saved awhile. If you’ve just been saved or are relatively new in the faith, start with this book before you dive into our Six-Book Courses of DG. The twelve subject categories in this handbook are as follows: The Kingdom of God, The Bible, God’s Nature & Attributes, Salvation, The Cross of Christ, The Church, Spiritual Disciplines, The Sacraments, The Christian Walk, The Eternal States, Discipleship, and Building Your Library.