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We do not walk this path alone. We must learn from those who have gone before us! That's why we have carefully selected the Hive Ambassadors to walk your pathway with you. We have chosen women from all walks of life to support your growth, encourage you, and pour into you through God's love and guidance.  

Dr. Amy Rucker

Becoming a first generations pastor, best-selling author, sought-after empowerment speaker, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader. Dr. Amy Rucker's accomplishments extend far beyond the pulpit. As the Founder and CEO of Amy Rucker Global, Women's CEO Network, and Senior Pastor of the Christian Empowerment Center, Dr. Rucker is proven as one who takes action.

Pastor Debbie Aimer 

A Mother of 6. Married 55 years to a retired pilot. She is the founder of Butterfly Ministries. For the past 20 years she has counseled, ministered, and empowered women from all walks of life. Her mission is to speak life, and encouragement into women, to show them their worth, and their true identity according to how God sees them. A full transformation as it is written in the Bible verse Romans 12:2. 
She is currently a broadcaster with HSBN (Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network) which reaches women from all over the world, on multiple social platforms, and streaming networks.

Rachel Best 

Rachel Best is an empowerment coach, motivational public speaker, author, and podcast host of 'How to Make A Mark in the World, Finding Your Signature.'
Her passion is in helping bring people to their next level in finding their purpose in life and creating an empowering mindset.
She guides you through mindset blocks and lack of purpose to overcome limiting beliefs and create clarity in finding yourself, your passions and become the powerhouse human you were created to be. She helps you find your signature and make your mark in the world. 

Nicole Vargas

Fitness and wellness coach, proud wife and mother of two. Having over seven years of experience and education in holistic living, fitness, and recovery, she is dedicated to help women get back into balance, make the changes they need to live the life they want and regain a sense of purpose. 
Through her journey of profound healing, she can identify with your struggles and can provide you a road map with specific tools, actionable technique, and guidance for your transformation. 
Her goal is to help you become mentally and physically fit. Targeting any fears/anxiety, exhaustion, brain fog, yo-yo dieting, or sedentary lifestyle that is holding you back from your potential. Together you will create the life you were designed for so you can live a more energetic lifestyle that will allow you to feel like the person God created you to be.

Pastor Sandra Lopez  

As a Financial Planner and Pastor, Sandra is focused on being a guide for leaving a Kingdom legacy both Spiritually and Financially. Her goal is to teach you how to go from having financial debt to financial freedom. She is passionate about teaching women how to use basic principals that will change the mindset from poverty to abundance. 
With over 21 years of Pastoral Ministry, she currently is the Associate Pastor of Chapel of Change. She holds a BA in Biblical Family Counseling and Biblical Studies. Sandra is an International speaker and has spoken within countries of Latin and South America such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Ecuador, Mexico, and Argentina, as well as diverse cities across the United States. She is the founder of “Mujer Honorable”, where she holds conferences annually that leave women Spiritually uplifted and impacted.